World Water Day 2019 – Leaving No One Behind

22 Mar

World Water Day 2019 – Leaving No One Behind

#WorldWaterDay is annually celebrated on 22nd March every year and is an opportunity to focus on the importance of clean water access worldwide. DROP4DROP are working tirelessly to provide communities that are currently living without, access to clean water. This year’s theme is ‘Leaving no one behind’, addressing why globally, many marginalised communities are left behind in the struggle for water access. This adheres to and promotes the UN’s 2015 Sustainable Development Goal #6: water for all by 2030.

In 2010, the UN recognised “the right to safe and clean drinking water and sanitation as a human right that is essential for the full enjoyment of life and all human rights”.  Millions of people across the globe face challenges in their daily fight to access clean water; marginalised groups are often overlooked and face additional hurdles. Rural communities struggle to access water, as the challenging route to gain clean water puts pressure on community infrastructures; schools, farms and workplaces struggle to thrive. For the 68.5 million displaced people worldwide, who have been forced to flee their homes, accessing safe water services is an additional burden many struggle to overcome.  Additionally, as of 2019, only 59% of refugees worldwide have access to safe drinking water. Refugee camps often do not have enough water to supply all refugees residing within them, and many of the camps are often based in water-scarce countries.

To ensure groups that face prejudice are not left behind, the UN says that we must ensure international legal frameworks recognise the right to water for all people and help accommodate those who face challenges in collecting it. To meet the needs of minority groups, we must ensure that they’re involved in water-based development programmes and their voices are heard in decision making processes that will affect their livelihoods. DROP4DROP work with our local in-country partners and community volunteers in the construction of water projects and strive to make sure groups don’t face discrimination as they try to access and manage the safe water they need.

Today, 2.1 billion people are still living without safe water at home.

DROP4DROP is on a mission to end the World Water Crisis, providing sustainable water solutions to communities all over the world. This #WorldWaterDay, let us work together to ensure no one is left behind 🌏 100% of all donations go directly towards funding clean water projects. As little as $3 can bring clean water to an individual living without. 

#worldwaterday#leavingnoonebehind #cleanwaterforall

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