World Religion Day

19 Jan

World Religion Day


Today is World Religion Day which is held on the third Sunday of January every year. The day aims to create an inter-faith harmony through highlighting the common underlying beliefs held by all religions. It was started by was started in 1950 by American members of the Baha’i faith and at the time the founders declared their intent to celebrate the ‘oneness’ of all religions.


Religions all around the world are determined to use unity to create a better world for all and drop4drop uses unity in its mission to establish a clean water source for all. Different faiths in India and Africa have received the benefits of the sustainable clean water solutions which are coordinated by drop4drop. 


There is still so much more that drop4drop can do to help as half of the hospital beds around the world are filled with people suffering from waterborne diseases (UN). DROP4DROP aims to reduce this number and also improve the amount of children in school by reducing the amount of time spent collecting potentially unsafe drinking water. Through kindness and generosity global religions play a fundamental role in the fight to eradicate poverty. The drop4drop sustainable clean water solutions which are implemented by local partners are essential to empower individuals in developing nations to raise themselves out of poverty. The WHO has found that for every $1 invested in clean water and sanitation there is an economic return of between $3-$34. As the time freed up from water collection means that individuals have more time to empower themselves through work and entrepreneurship. 


Use your generosity today to make empower individuals through clean water solutions. Donate to a project or fund a dedicated well through the link on our website.  


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