Public Service Day

23 Jun

Public Service Day

United Nations Public Service Day was adopted by member states as an international day of recognition, with its first awards ceremony in 2003 (UN). The day itself, aims to promote the importance of public service across different communities and societies, during the development process and to highlight the benefits of working within the public sector. The United Nations hopes to increase young people’s involvement in public service, through pursuing a career within this sector (UN).

Public Service Day is an extremely important day due to its ability to recognise those who have actively made a difference to communities through public service. It is the most respected award that holds significant international recognition for those that receive it. The award recognises the achievements and assistance from public services that promote a more productive and competent public administration. Public servants can be recommended to win this award yearly. The awards ensure the advancement of the role, proficiency and appreciation of public service. The 2020 nominations have already passed, but this year the awards focus on the fulfilment of the SDGs and the obligation to leave no one behind (UN).

DROP4DROP recognises the importance of public services across different communities and inspiring young people to pursue a career in this sector. Currently, 443 million school days are lost each year due to water related issues and collectively, women and children walk 200 million miles a day to collect often dirty and unsanitary water. Due to this, many young people miss the opportunity to gain an education, limiting their career prospects that could have included working in public services.

Therefore, drop4drop’s commitment to implementing clean and safe water removes the need for children and women to walk far in order to collect water, allowing young people to gain an education and shape their future for the better.

If you would like to help ensure #cleanwaterforall, head to to donate £3 to give one person clean water or £15 for a whole family to have clean water! To keep up to date on drop4drop’s work across different communities, follow @drop4drop on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for regular updates.

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