International Human Solidarity Day

20 Dec

International Human Solidarity Day

International Human Solidarity Day is annually held on the 20th of December after world leaders identified solidarity as one of the fundamental values essential to international relations in the 21st century during the Millennium Declaration (OHCHR). There has been an emphasis that global challenges must be managed with those suffering most or benefiting least, deserving help from those who benefit most (UN). In today’s context of globalization and growing inequality, the strengthening of international solidarity is indispensable in order to make effective change in the world. Designed and promoted by the UNs General Assembly, International Human Solidarity Day is a day to celebrate collective unity and an endeavour to raise public knowledge around the importance of solidarity. Ultimately, it’s a day of action through partnerships to encourage new initiatives for poverty eradication.

The day is underpinned by the UNs Sustainable Development Goals, which are determined to lift people out of poverty through the means of global partnership. Goal 17 specifically outlines the importance of ‘Partnership For The Goals’, which demonstrates the importance of solidarity and unity in fighting global concerns such as: poverty, clean water, hunger and disease.

The battle for clean water requires solidarity. There are still 663 million people in the world who do not have access to safe water, this is a staggering one in nine of the world’s total population. The impact of clean water is both social and economic! It has been shown that for every $1 invested in water and sanitation, there is an economic return of $3-$34, as time freed up from water collection gives communities more time to invest into economic productivity. Socially, clean water and sanitation dramatically improve the health of the communities across the globe. It has been stated that 1.5 million children die each year due to water-related diseases and the WHO proclaims that these deaths are entirely preventable with access to clean water.

Our work at drop4drop is our way of addressing these inequalities and helping those in the world in need, as we’re able to provide efficient water sources to communities that are in desperate need of a reliable source of clean water. Currently, drop4drop is reliant on human solidarity to fight the clean water crisis. Solidarity is needed to continue developing clean water projects in a number of countries across the globe. Show your solidarity in the battle for clean water by donating as little as £3. Your donation has the ability to transform a person’s life!

To keep track of the work drop4drop are doing, make sure to follow us on social media @drop4drop.

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