• Lawrence Kamoga (11 years old), Kitigi Primary School Student.

Wajinja 1, Mpigi District

“I used to wake up as early as 6am and walk a 2.5 kms to get water for home use before proceeding to school. Water collection is my job since my grandmother, whom I live with, cannot walk this distance because she is 83 years old whilst my little sister is only 3. This was my daily routine and I was used to it, although I would get tired before even reaching school and sometimes I would arrive late. I was frequently trying to catch up with missed classes therefore my performance was poor.

Now, with the construction of the new water source in my village, which is only 700 meters from my home, my life has become easier. It takes less than 30 minutes to get twice as much water as before. I don’t have to wake up very early and I arrive at school early enough not to have to miss any morning lessons. My improved performance has been noticed by the Maths teacher in particular and I expect to perform better than ever before in exams this term. My life has now changed a lot now for the better!”

Lawrence Kamoga
11 years