Toranka Bantang Village, Kiang East District, The Gambia

“Now the community have access to clean drinking water after years of drinking from open wells which caused a lot of diseases especially on children. With a population of about 600 people, the community is celebrating the availability of clean drinking water ‘We have been neglected for so long but thanks to your support we are alive again’ said Binta Baldeh head of the women from the Baldeh Clan. On behalf of the entire village she thanks donors for the project.”

“As part of efforts to fight covid-19 especially in vulnerable communities, a hand washing station with soap and other detergents was also installed in the village, to enable people practice hand washing especially before using the hand pump. A concrete water trough was also made, in order for domestic animals like goat, sheep and other livestock can drink from, to avoid water wastage. Training sessions on water sanitation and hygiene will be conducted for the community to better manage the water source.”

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