Sujun, Yei River State, South Sudan

21-year-old Oliver Simon was a prisoner who served as a water committee member. He lived in prison for six months from September 2018 until February 22, 2019. This water well had been broken for about a week and it was challenging to get clean water here. Alternatively, the officers escorted a chosen number of prisoners to go to the communities outside to fetch clean water using a hired tricycle or motorbike. Buying water from the communities is insufficient for drinking, cooking, bathing, and washing. When the borehole was functional, the prisoners were able to shower three times a day which gave them relief due to the extreme heat and hard work they did during the day. The prisoners are locked inside every day at 4:00 PM until 8:00 AM the following day. Consumption of water is much higher at times like this during the dry season. While the borehole was broken fewer showers were allowed, and less water was given to the prisoners to consume. Mr. Oliver thanked the crew for their urgent response to the repair and for reopening the well. He gave thanks for the funders behind the success of this water project.

BP Friday,
In-country partner

This project was undertaken as part of our campaign of projects that actively reduce carbon emissions. This project helped the community save their much needed wood which was previously being burnt daily to boil water. This project has also eliminated the many thousands of hours previously spent on walking to collect water.