Magungu 4, Mpigi District

“Water in our village was a nightmare especially for us children and our mothers who are supposed to fetch water and do house work. Before the construction of this water source, we had to walk long distances in search for clean water and hardly had enough time to read our books. Worse still, the water was very dirty, ponds were shared by both animals and people and this posed a challenge of poor hygiene which in the end caused several diseases. Every time you thought of water, you would want to cry and there was nothing authorities could do for this situation. The situation was simply unbearable. But God heard our prayers when Drop 4 Drop with support from Patty and Robbie Austin constructed for us this water source. It brought joy to our hearts, peace in our homes and literally breathed life in us. Our hygiene and sanitation has improved greatly and we now have clean water.”

Kasule Paul