Magungu 3, Mpigi District

“As a woman, society pressures us to keep our homestead clean, we have to cook, we have to wash clothes, we have to clean dishes, we have to make sure the children are clean and none of these can be achieved without water, and clean water at that. Water is life.

For a very long time, we have been using a very dirty water source. we have therefore endured long hours collecting water, with fear of our children falling into ponds, the rashes on our skin, not to mention the diseases caused.

Everything has changed thanks to Jockey Club catering who have provided us with a reliable source of clean water, to us it is a joy, and we no longer have to walk long distances to look for water. Everything has been eased and it is not just a source of water, they just breathed life into us. I actually looking forward to fetching water as though I am a child!”

Hilda Digida aged 41 years