Fangak County, South Sudan

In 2017 South Sudan faced a serious humanitarian crisis, as a result of years of political unrest, civil war and climate change. The impact the war has left on the economy has increased prices of living, including clean water, due to higher transportation and production costs. Along with the purchase of food and general living expenses, clean water is often not a priority, so many will use unprotected water sources, resulting in the spread of water-borne illnesses such as cholera.

42% of the population in Fangak County have to travel more than 30 minutes for access to portable water. This often results in individuals using unprotected wells or water sources such as swamps or rivers, increasing the risk of water-borne diseases. Alongside this, there has been very little WASH development, leaving many communities vulnerable due to lack of hygiene awareness. In 2017, drop4drop partnered with Christian aid to provide vital WASH initiatives and rehabilitation of broken bore-wells across Fangak Country, ensuring improved access to clean, safe water and sanitation practices.