• Nabakooza Martha

Wajinja 2, Mpigi District

“I am proud that my village has finally received a safe water source, it is like a dream because we have been left out for a long time but we have been remembered at last. It was very easy for me to mobilize the communities in my village to fully participate in the construction of our new water source. The community highly responded because they had a great need for the clean safe water in this area and from the initial health training conducted, we realized that most of the diseases our families experienced were due to drinking dirty, unsafe water. Everyone participated men, women and children. I know and am very sure we shall reach and achieve our goal of having healthy homes. The men participated in construction while the children helped with bringing materials closer to the construction site and women brought and cooked food for the people working. With this high village participation, everyone knows that it is their water source and they will keep it proudly and it will function for a long time.”

Nabakooza Martha