• Sirigirpalli community members
    Sirigirpalli community members
  • Close up of plaque
    Close up of plaque
  • Case study: Mrs. Bhagyamma
    Case study: Mrs. Bhagyamma
  • Sirigirpalli beneficiaries
    Sirigirpalli beneficiaries

Sirigiripalli, Andhra Pradesh, India

“We’re happy that we’re able to get sufficient drinking water from our own village. Before, we had to get water from the main village, where the upper class people live. They treated us with contempt, and frequently humiliated us. Now we have no reason to go there, as our community can provide for itself. Thanks a lot to the generous Daydreamers & drop4drop for supporting the project, and to the local organisation SPREAWS for selecting our remote village.”

Mrs. Bhagyamma
38 years old