Senjasiri, Yei River State, South Sudan

Edna 36 years old with 5 children. She said, “Every living creature needs clean water to live a good life.” Edna is a resident of Abegi which is ten miles on the
Lasu Aba road. She was traveling through from Yei when she took her little daughter Sarah for medical treatment. They stopped along the way at the restored well to have a rest. She said she was so grateful to be able to drink from a clean water source along her way. She along with so many other women travel along this road a long distance to seek water and medical attention. She said the fortunate ones who are able to ride bicycles often must do so carrying a child and grains or other items they are trying to sell in the market place. Edna reported that interacting with people who promote water sanitation and hygiene like this at 4.5 miles away from the town gives her courage and it is a sure indication that peace is has come. She is hopeful that the crew will come to her community to drill a new borehole and fix the broken water well nearby. On behalf of all mothers and daughters of Abegi, Edna appealed to supporters to continue to focus on women and children because they are the most vulnerable as they travel on the road seeking medical attention for themselves and for their children. This unhealthy situation is as a result of drinking from unclean water sources. Edna prays for total peace so that more clean water sources would be established in her vicinity.

On behalf of Edna,
36 years

This project was undertaken as part of our campaign of projects that actively reduce carbon emissions. This project helped the community save their much needed wood which was previously being burnt daily to boil water. This project has also eliminated the many thousands of hours previously spent on walking to collect water.