Am Puram Village, Tamil Nadu, India

“It is our great joy in expressing the happiness we have gained because of the new water project in our village. We are relieved from the burden of walking long distances and to fetch the water from distant lakes. The water was not safe and also was contaminated. So most of the times our children used to suffer health hazards. But now we have been relieved from such problems and feel great sigh of relief. Our children shall find better health in the days to come. The adequate water is being availed in our villages and we are very happy and convey our heartfelt thanks to Michel.”

P.CHIRANJEEVI, 40 years old
Community member

This project was undertaken as part of our campaign of projects that actively reduce carbon emissions. This project helped the community save their much needed wood which was previously being burnt daily to boil water. This project has also eliminated the many thousands of hours previously spent on walking to collect water.