Mararanje 2, Montepuez, Mozambique

Mozambique is an East African country of 27 million people, known for its beautiful coastline and swaying palm trees. However, Mozambique also has one of the lowest rates of water and sanitation coverage in sub-Saharan Africa. More than half of the rural communities lack access to clean water. Poverty levels are high and sustainable water sources scarce – communities often lack the knowledge to maintain wells, leading them to fall into disrepair. The area is vulnerable to droughts; water restrictions are frequent. The country also struggles with floods and earthquakes, which affect the water crisis further. Whilst wealthier individuals might protect themselves with private bores and storage, this is not widely available for the majority of the population. Drop4Drop continues to work across Mozambique to ensure clean water for the many communities living without, along with providing maintenance training to ensure pump functionality for many years into the future.