• Peter Mukasa

Magungu 2, Mpigi District

“Our class teacher used to tell us that water is life and a basic need, and now I understand it. We had a little pond in my village that was shared by every living thing, so human beings and all the animals would share the same water. It was the only source and there was nothing to do because we had accepted this situation. As a result, the water was very dirty and contaminated. It caused several diseases like dysentery, skin rashes and typhoid among the community members.

My father used to spend a lot of money on treatment for our entire family because we often suffered from those water-related diseases. This left my father with no money most of the time, and our school fees were not always paid on time because of the hospital bills.

But I believe this newly constructed water source is the medicine to the diseases we have suffered for a very long time. We now have clean and safe water in Magungu village. It is indeed medicine to us.”

Peter Mukasa aged 14 years