• The people of Gundapuram with their new well
  • Close up of plaque
  • Case study: Miss. Sanghya
  • The water from the well is clean and healthy


“Now I don’t have to spend so much time fetching water, I’m able to concentrate on my studies preparing for my Annual Examinations. I go to Kotireddy Women’s College in Kadapa in the morning and return home in the evening after 6.00 p.m. Sometimes, there wasn’t any water when I got home, and I had to walk a kilometre to get more. My family needs at least 10 pots of water, which meant 10 trips, leaving me exhausted and unable to study. Now there’s no such problem. Thanks to Angus Rankine, the donor of this well, and thanks to Global Angels Foundation & drop4drop.”

Miss. Sanghya
19 years