• Lucas White, Life water & drop4drop co-founder, at well dedicated to his son
  • Case Study: Mr. Subbarayudu
  • A plaque on the well commemorates the contribution made by Finn White
  • The children of C. Boyanapalliwith their new well


“I’m a jeep driver, and I don’t always know when I’ll go out on duty, or when I’ll come home. Sometimes I came home late at night exhausted, worried that I wouldn’t be able to get any water. This problem was worst during the summer. Thanks to the new well, such problems are no longer felt in our community. I know I can get clean water at home, no matter what hours my boss calls me to work. Our community prays for the good health and prosperous life of Finn White for making this possible.”

Mr. Subbarayudu
27 years old