Bule 2 Village, Mpigi District, Uganda

“Adequate access to clean water allows communities to thrive mentally. Physically, clean water keeps people hydrated. The brain is composed of about 75% water, and when people become dehydrated, it alters thinking and the ability to problem solving as circulation slows. The reduced blood flow also decreases oxygen to the brain ,negatively impacting cognition and the ability to think clearly. Mood and energy levels suffer which increases anxiety and irritability. Having access to clean water provides hope. Thank you Life water and One Retail for providing hope for a better future for this community. This community now has clean and safe water.”

Government Community Health Worker.

This project was undertaken as part of our campaign of projects that actively reduce carbon emissions. This project helped the community save their much needed wood which was previously being burnt daily to boil water. This project has also eliminated the many thousands of hours previously spent on walking to collect water.