Anantheri, Tamil Nadu, India

“I am so glad in saying few words of appreciation to DROP4DROP and for the support you are giving through NEWS NGO. We were purely depended on the water from the overhead tank and the common tap. We used to get water twice in a week and it was not sufficient for us to use for all the purposes. So some of our children used to suffer fever, cold and cough. Moreover, we are not able to remain hygiene as the water was not sufficient for bathing also. So for cooking we had to depend or walk long distances to get the water and thus most of the time was wasted for getting the water to our home. Now this situation
has completely changed and we are happy with the new water project and we are consuming with utmost care and we shall maintain the unit in a safer manner. Thank you very much”

Mrs. R.Anitha Ragavan
27 years