• Members of the Savisettipalli Harijanawada community enjoying their new water source
  • Case study: Mrs. Rathnamma
  • Enjoying the new water source
  • The Savisettipalli Harijanawada community celebrating their new fresh, clean water source

Savisettipalli Harijanawada, Andhra Pradesh

“Now we don’t need to make long walks to get water, as we can get safe drinking water right here in the village. The responsibility of fetching water usually falls on the women in the family, who have to go in search of drinking water carrying plastic pots. It consumes time and energy, and we have to cook food and rear the children as well. Now we feel relieved because our biggest problem of fetching drinking water is solved. Our whole-hearted gratitude to Daydreamers & drop4drop for helping us.”

Mrs. Rathnamma
38 years old