Kondrasupalle, Andhra Pradesh

“I was used to retrieve water from a local pond for drinking, bathing and washing for my entire family consisting of 7 members. I was spending 4 to 5 hours daily. It was caused chronic illness to our family members by the pond water. Now, after installation of this hand pump bore-well, I am happy, because, Now, the safe water that pours from a new pump in our home fills us with hope for a healthier, more prosperous future. I am able to earn more a little coping up my growing children’s needs because of this newly installed bore-well facilitated me and my husband to spend more time in our income-generating works. Regular soap hand washing keeps us to be hygienic and healthy. Thanks a lot to Mark, Laraine and friends and Last Night A DJ Saved My Life Foundation for helping us with this well.”

Mrs. Mallamma
36 years