Kawango A Village, Mpigi District, Uganda

“Lack of safe and clean drinking water has negatively impacted on our children’s health and education. Access to safe water will change our lives and bring a sense of peace and happiness. This water source constructed means that our girls and boys will now focus on their schooling. I am so excited,” she says. “This water source means that I will drink clean and safe water. I will constantly wash my daughter’s school uniform and bathe,”. My daughter can now invest her time in reading and doing her homework. Special thanks go to Drop4Drop and Last Night A DJ Saved my life Foundation. Water wells like this make a healthier community by providing clean running water for drinking and washing. “I saw hundreds of children walking to use the pump, each carrying a jug of water taken from home to use at school where clean drinking water is available,” George said “Before the pump was installed, I had watched one young boy stop while running in the school yard to drink water from a dirty seep hole that was next to a dried creek, cluttered with trash,” said George.

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