Duvvurnelaturu, Andhra Pradesh, India

“The primary responsibility of fetching water falls on the women in the family. We the women and girls have to go long walking in search of drinking water carrying plastic pots. It consumes more time, more energy. Further after bringing water by spending about 2 to 3 hours daily another responsibility of cooking food is on the women, going to schools/colleges on the girls students. We suffered very much before constructing this hand pump well in our village. Now we are able to get protected drinking water amid of our village. Hence now we feel relieved because our primary problem of fetching drinking water is solved. Thus we saved daily 2 to 3 hours of time. This time women spending in income generating works and the girls spending their time in their studies. And we also realised keeping our body hygienically is very important for our good health. Our wholehearted gratitude to the donor of this well as well as to drop4drop.”

Mrs Krishnaveni
32 years