Bukemba 2, Mpigi District

“All my life my village has had a big problem with water, the only water source being a terribly dirty water pond which we shared by everyone in the village. The pond used to became very dirty whenever it rained and animals found their way into this pond, thus contaminating the pond. Further, people used to share this pond with animals which used to drink this water also.  This led to the spread of water related diseases, so community members were spending a lot of money on medication. Community leaders tried to lobby the government for clean water but their efforts were futile.

Thanks to the support from Parkwood Leisure through drop4drop.  This partnership has led to the construction of a new water source in our village. We now have clean running water in our community every day.  This has changed our story. With this clean water now, we have life.”

Kaweesi Andrew, proud father of 8 children, 59 years old.