Bukemba 1, Mpigi District

“We used to have a water problem in our community with the main source of water being a dirty pond.  Sometimes children used to fall in the pond while trying to collect water but luckily people were there to rescue them, however, there was always the fear that no one would be there to rescue you.  The water was very dirty and we tried to filter it but as it was our only water source we had to use it for drinking, cooking and washing.

Now that we have a well built we do not worry about falling in the pond and don’t have to try and filter the water because it is very safe for drinking, cooking and bathing. This new well has changed everything in my entire community. Thanks to the support from Sir John Peace through drop4drop.”

Yiga Umaru,a pupil at Nakibanga Umea Primary school, 12 years old.